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Easily overwhelming the lone Shoutmon and even the DigiMemories, Tactimon is bested when Shoutmon digivolves into OmniShoutmon and easily defeats him. He is equal in strength to his also digivolved comrade, ZekeGreymon. Shoutmon is sent to the Lava Pit, where after defeating countless mindless Digimon, finds that the virus has Digifused the data it took from him to create a Shoutmon DX. The Power of Friendship " [43]. Shoutmon saves Mikey and his friends from a van that was falling from the sky due to a digital anomaly, and in thanks, Mikey agrees to help the dying Digimon. After the battle, Shoutmon's eyes become purple, just like Dorulumon's had when Impmon defeated him in an earlier round.

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Shoutmon (Fusion)

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Shoutmon then helps the rest of the Fusion Fighters defend the Island Zone against Neptunemon and the Mantaraymon fleet.

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Ballistamon and the Starmons , Shoutmon's allies, suddenly appear to rescue the kids, and Shoutmon himself pops out of the FusionLoader revitalized, and aids them. This DigiFuse gives Shoutmon an increase in power. Mikey Goes To Another World!

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