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In September, the police published a new personal search manual for the first time which allows officers to instruct people to squat, lift their testicles or breasts, or part their buttock cheeks. Young women aged 25 and under accounted for almost half the searches, while the oldest woman strip-searched was 72 years old. I was completely humiliated. Draft recommendations from the inquiry leaked last month included a call for police to limit the use of strip-searches and scrap the use of drug detection dogs at festivals. Last month the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission held public hearings as part of its investigation into the allegedly illegal search of a year-old girl at the Splendour in the Grass festival. She was one of seven children who were strip-searched at the event.

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Revealed: NSW police strip-searched more than 100 girls, including 12-year-olds

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In NSW, police are permitted to carry out field strip-searches only if the urgency and seriousness of the situation requires it.

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She was one of seven children who were strip-searched at the event. On Friday the NSW coroner will release the long-awaited findings of an inquest into six drug-related deaths at music festivals in the state. The LECC is currently reviewing whether it is legal for officers to force people to squat during a strip-search , a common practice used by police in NSW.

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