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Please log in or register to post comments. The Perfect Game Humor The perfect game for lowering inhibitions is invented When I was 23 years old, I invented the perfect adult party game. Comments 25 Spam comments 0. A speculum is used to spread apart their cunt walls so all can see the coming semen pool inside them. Impregnation Captions Using Anonymous Models. The two lay on their back, draw up their knees until their puss is pointed straight up in the air.

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Impregnation game using a funnel Impregnation game using a funnel It is just so very slutty to get impregnated from a funnel, especially with multiple guys contributing sperm.

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I hope there are more posts and videos coming. The two or three black or brown breeders have their sperm used first to give them the greatest chance of causing a mixed race baby. Comments 25 Spam comments 0. Make your wife eat used condoms and she will love you more.

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