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But as she watched her ass eat more and mroe of her panties, as well as take up more and more of the mirror she was almost to the point of tears of joy. Stepping into the driveway as her older sister and her fiancee drove up for their christmas visit back from college. Ibuki laughed as she leaned in at the waist, hands on her knees. Now as she felt her breasts swelling into her arms she got a giggdy rush as she started grabbing her breasts to jiggling them in her hands as they grew beyond DD cups. Lin had come to understand her daughter was about to get far, far larger than she was currently.

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Lin was looking about at the ground so far below them in the palace court yard. Sadly during th final growth spurt Amanda smashed her computer with her breasts and left the chat in darkness for several minutes. Time for the first random not GTS posting I sometimes do since I gained a ton of new followers, thanks for that by the way! Finally the big tipper popped back in.

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