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How Dean Reacts to you being shorter than him. If Castiel and Jack understood why this was supposed to be funny, he would let them too. He may not admit it out loud, but he secretly loves that he can pick you up and throw you around, this is especially fun in the bedroom. However, if anyone else tries to tease you Originally posted by imaginary-desires Originally posted by frozen-delight You are basically always running to keep up with them because one of their strides equals two of yours. Want to see more posts tagged short girls? If you need to run to safety, he will push you in front of him so that he can get between you and whatever is chasing the two or three if Sam is there of you. Cute Things with Shorter Girls.

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Originally posted by loveyoukeepmewarm.

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When he goes on a long hunt without you, this is how you greet him. He lets Sam tease you about it too; Sam calls you things like Pipsqueak Pip for short , cupcake and shrimp. Originally posted by thejabberwock. I just look like a minion wearing them.

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