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ESPN body10 beautyinstrength. Ill never take those lessons for granted, and that same experience needs to be available for more girls. I've had bad dreams before where I went out to perform and forgot my gear!! I've always enjoyed this issue the most because I admired and looked up to the athletes who were sending the message "strong is sexy. When I got into college athletics, my body and power were celebrated and appreciated; that was huge for my mindset on my body. I loved what my body was doing for me on the field, and that started to translate off the field.

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I'm on a mission and one of my bucket list goals was to have the opportunity to be in this issue so it's one part pinch me moment and second part another reason why the women's evolution is continuing to make an impact on all fronts around the world.

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Thank you espnmag I had a blast! After 4 years I finally decided to do these amazing and incredible pictures with espnmag I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did. Id have my mind set on a number.

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