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In honor of this very special event, I wanted to document what I am going through before during and after for my sissy girl friends. I must have miss-heard what he said. I was suddenly snapped back to reality as this nice black gentleman pulled up next to me in his car and asked me for directions. We had several encounters again, in fact he was also the first Big Black Cock I took anally as well, but that is a story for another time. I began to stroke his large shaft up and down while sucking hard on the head, keeping a constant suction.

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I was a 19 year old blonde haired, blue-eyed, smooth chested beach bum who was into sex, surfing and rock and roll at the time.

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I instinctively wiped my chin and looked at my hand, I was mortified to discover that it was jizz that I had somehow missed from a few moments earlier. I kept sucking his semi-hard cock to be sure I got every drop before I released my grip. I enjoyed sex with both men and women, although I was only open about seeing women.

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