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So I'm hoping this game shows us how Batman would really punish these criminals - if you can call it punishment. The models for each villain are unique, and the sex animations are more than acceptable. I mean, I must have fucked at least 4 of Batmans spandex-clad rivals before even stepping foot near the first boss fight. This game doesn't even require a download, folks. Cons One of the few issues I have with the game lies with the position changes. The game starts with a simple mission: find and fuck Harley Quinn. Lots of sex games these days focus too much on the story and completely skip over the part we all care about - the giggles.

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I don't expect a full team of voice actors to work for weeks on end, but a few boss lines here and there wouldn't hurt.

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Hard Knight Rises Game Review [ Is it Worth it? ]

Of course, it's Harley - the one character everybody and their mother wants to bang, thanks to Margot Robbie. It's fun, direct, and erotic. This Batman game will have you begging for more just after the first boss fight fuck , just because of the seductive way these iconic villains move alone.

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