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The Legend of Korra character. In a collection of highly emotional personalities, Asami is described by The A. Among the critics who viewed the pairing negatively, E. While Max Nicholson of IGN enjoyed the rivalry, [77] other reviewers felt that Asami was more likeable and sympathetic than Korra, making it difficult to root for the latter. After it was revealed that she was not an Equalist spy, The A. Archived from the original on July 22, Archived from the original on March 22,

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Asami Sato

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Additionally, Asami is Team Avatar's de facto machine operator.

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Asami is voiced by Seychelle Gabriel. Her coat, which debuted in the season two episode " Rebel Spirit ", was based off one Konietzko saw on a Japanese fashion website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recognizing him as the captain of the pro-bending team "Fire Ferrets", she invites him out to dinner by way of apology.

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