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William Butler Yeats, this arch-conservative, was right in is diagnosis of the XXth century, when he wrote: " To believe - to believe "directly," without the externalizing mediation of a ritual - is a heavy, oppressing, traumatic burden, which, through exerting a ritual, one has a chance of transferring it onto an Other One plays with such fantasies, not "taking them seriously," it is in this way that they fulfill their function - and the fundamentalist lacks this minimal distance towards his fantasy. However, what if the true task of thought is to think the self-division of the One, to think the One itself as split within itself, as involving an inherent gap? In accordance with the Hegelian motto of a redoubled mystery the mystery God is for us has to be also a mystery for God Himself , the truth of this "infinite judgement" can only be to deny God's full sovereignty and omnipotence. As the melodramatic wisdom puts it, it is love itself, the fact of being loved, that ultimately makes the beloved beautiful.

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Is this opposition not a good description of today's split between tolerant but anemic liberals, and the fundamentalists full of "passionate intensity"?

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And the link between these two features of the fundamentalist's position is clear: since fantasy is a scenario the subject builds in order to answer the enigma of the Other's desire, i. Let us take the affirmation "I believe. Does such an encounter of the Other's desire follow the logic of alienation or that of separation?

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