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This was three weeks after I finished her school work and helped her graduate. Okay, I never reblog things, but this? Be prepared and become part of the solution. This is so nauseating, and I hope one day karma catches up to these people or this person who wrote these things. Generally speaking…big dog, big penis…if you are into sue then a dog has just the right penis. The police can easily trace your I.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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You are good, you are brave, you are beautiful.

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It might not feel that way at the minute, but wait. The same way your parents didnt care when your sorry sorry ass was born. When I was 14, I got cast in a play as an older character and a classmate told me I got the role because I had boobs. Because I thought I could have been a stepfather one day.

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  1. Try watching the first five seconds of the video

  2. how the fuck did the japanese reproduce if their men act like five year olds,