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She has recently switched from vodka to wine on weekdays. My urologist laughed and said that it looks more like a blessing than a defect. So when i cum it has to be squeezed every few days to get all the excess out. DoubleDickDude: yep dybre: So has there ever been that awkward moment when one person finishes the job before the other? I call it monogamous because we are exclusive. I had an MRI done last summer to check on everything and they noted that my cocks were so evenly branched off the central shaft. Twigglesnix: do you know if this was a genetic mutation or a developmental abnormality?

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Meet The Man With Two Functioning Penises

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The three girls before her enjoyed it.

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This Guy Has Two Full-Sized, Fully Functional Penises (Photos)

Email her at veronica grandex. I call it monogamous because we are exclusive. DoubleDickDude: I generally avoid public bathrooms and if I do use one i try to use the stall and not a wall urinal. Pontusky replies with a link to the photo.

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  1. Love the way she says “ oh oui “ that’s the best moan i heard since haley cummings

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