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And the same goes for Billie's music. Gibi: In "Bury a Friend," she definitely, like, the voice quality is what sticks out to me. Essentially, her music is designed to make your brain and body react. Why aren't you scared of me? ASMRtists use special techniques to produce this effect for their listeners. Billie Eilish combines all of these techniques to make some of the most spine-tingling music to ever hit mainstream, and if her smash debut is any indication, this tingly sound just might be the future of pop.

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It's the suppression of your fear that's so pleasurable.

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Meredith Geaghan-Breiner and Justin Gmoser. This defensive reflex is so short-lived, it probably won't reach consciousness, because, in short, the rational part of your brain recognizes there's no threat and quickly inhibits your fear center. The platform is full of ASMR-inspired covers, or whisper tributes, of her music. The singer's been called "the first pop star made for AirPods.

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