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We see Stan essentially dating—and nearly having sex with—his son, and yet the Roger sub-plot is what keeps bringing me back to this episode. Hayley and Jeff run off to get married with Stan off on a manic rampage to try and stop this. Some episodes of American Dad go for a bigger message beneath all of the craziness, but this episode is just a strong example of the show being silly. The music is just straight-up addictive gold, too. This episode is like if Magic , Annabelle , and Shutter Island were thrown into a blender together and it tells a surprisingly deep story that sacrifices an alarming amount of lives. Stan takes Steve to Mexico to sleep with a prostitute, accordingly, with their trip interrupted by a drug cartel that ends up taking them hostage. Roger is convinced that he has made the perfect order at a restaurant, and wants his waitress to acknowledge as much.

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25 Best American Dad Episodes

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The entry is a nearly flawless mega pastiche of Agatha Christie murder mysteries, and the episode has so much fun indulging in these tropes and breaking these rules when necessary.

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Well, before a Jeff would end up back on Earth, the series would deliver one of their more anomalistic episodes, with the entire endeavor set on an alien spaceship and focused on Jeff. American Dad marries its dark sense of humor with the melodrama of theater perfectly. On top of that, the installment also gets to have too much fun with Roger running amok in Bad Lieutenant mode, rising the ranks from trainee, to cop, to crooked cop before you have time to snort a line of coke. This feud hits some pretty high extremes, with both Shaq and Yao Ming both getting wrapped up into this mess, too.

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