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That, and just seeing someone in pleasure is arousing. For all the best videos, memes and shareable news! DIY gifts for Valentine's Day. Awkwardness aside, every girl knows touching herself in front of her man has the potential to be the greatest thing she can do. Though just to confirm, we asked guys what they thought about their lady masturbating in front of them and their answers made it, well, pretty clear

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Why Masturbating In Front Of Your Boyfriend Is The Sexiest Thing You Can Do

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The only real downside to that is that she is too sensitve after an orgasm, so she doesn't like me to go down on her immediately after.

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Yes, it's hot, it's worth doing. However, there's no reason to feel intimidated, apparently men love it just as much as you do. Someone who knows what they want, can tell you what it is DIY gifts for Valentine's Day.

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  1. This series spends way too much time on camera angles of just the guys