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Judy Squires in Better Than Chocolate , who is also a trans woman. Ironically, some people still mistake her for a man! She was 'outed' in a cunningly-written magazine interview several months before the character premiered, and her first comic appearance was in a stunning party dress that caused jaws to drop both in and out of the comic. She is also willing to use seduce her male targets to get what she wants and favors a very revealing Chainmail Bikini as costume. Discussed on an episode of King of the Hill , where a subplot involved Hank's driver's license now saying he was a woman. The object of her affections is even more feminine, though bi- or pan-sexual.

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Arguably most of the Maria-sama ga Miteru cast.

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In fact, she's probably the most feminine major character in the whole series. Delphine from Orphan Black likes to dress in very expensive-looking and feminine clothing, and winds up in a relationship with Cosima. Her former guardian remarked that he first came across her while her house was burning down and that despite this, she was attempting to save her dresses.

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