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A romance ignites when Christy, 20 year old college student is reunited with her childhood care taker. But is their encounter only the fate of their stars aligning or is there a bigger plan under way in the cyber universe? Order by Date Title Views Comments. Jill is a little in love with her best friend Chloe and a little terrified to say anything to her about it, even though their roommate Sarah is both convinced that the feelings are mutual and sick to death […]. Kristina begins to rule at the age of 18 and is quickly faced with choosing between her country, a new male suitor, her people and her religion. A romantic day trip to a beautiful Australian lake tests the relationship of two young lovers, and our relationship to what is there and what might belong to the realm of fantasy, or of memory….

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Follow Your Heart Short Film 3.

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Arcana Six A coming-of-age lesbian love story 3. A forbidden love story, based on true events. When the two cross paths, the magnetic Vita decides the beguiling, stubborn and gifted Virginia will be her next conquest, no matter the cost. Elisa and Marcela Trailer 3.

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