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He then swiftly stood up out of the chair and looked Bakugo dead in the eye, several of their classmates looked on from throughout the rec room and kitchen, worried about what might go down. If he didn't think they were moving fast before, he certainly did now. Uraraka shrugged as she started walking toward the bathroom, " nah if I passed out now I'd be out cold and feel worse when I wake up I want to make it happen as soon as I can! Izuku blushed fiercely and tried to pry Mineta off of him, " That's none of your business Mineta! He was so close to it without another interruption. Not from any of my siblings, or any teacher.

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Izuku took in the sight of her naked body doing so, not really embarrassed to see her like this anymore.

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I, I thought you didn't want to do stuff like that in public Izuku smirked at her words and finished up eating his half of the meal. She wasn't too found of Mineta but hearing that Izuku had basically threatened the runt made her feel uneasy in her stomach. Mina's eyes widened hearing that.

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