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In its simplest form, it could be made with just one person; [16] a more sophisticated version might even involve a crowded stadium. The March 9, , episode of Saturday Night Live substituted "con los terroristas" with "tofu burritos" and "do the Harlem shake" with "drink a vegan shake. Archived from the original on 26 February Coldharbour Harlem Shake Office Mix. Archived from the original on 16 March It's trending on the front page of YouTube. On Valentine's Day February 14 , developers at Moovweb released an open source bookmarklet that replicated the Harlem Shake online by making the items on any web page move.

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Harlem Shake (meme)

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New dance craze Harlem Shake spreads across Internet".

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Hot NAKED Chicks Do the ‘Harlem Shake’ [VIDEO]

Previously, as happened with " Gangnam Style ", there was always an initial video created by an artist which would start a dance craze that was subsequently adopted by fans. After numerous companies and startups began uploading their own Harlem Shake videos for what appeared to be promotional purposes, the business magazine Forbes advised them to produce their own original content instead of variants of the same video. The video was reported to have received a generally positive reaction from mainstream Israeli media and online. Harlem Shake - Playboy Playmate Edition.

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