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Slavic ladies have long been in demand on prestigious fashion weeks. In addition to fitness career, Maria Tskirija-Dokuchaeva is the official face of several companies selling sports goods and clothing. Natalia is one of the most famous Russian models and a public figure. You can ask any men in Russia, "Who was the Top bikini model in Russia in ? During her career, she has been working for many famous people and widely known organizations in the world of fashion. She also was chosen to represent Russia at Miss Universe , but, unfortunately, due to her issues with visas and other non-fashion related problems, Russia had to withdraw from participation in this competition. Next spot in our list of hot Russian girls of goes to Anne Vyalitsyna.

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Hot Russian Girls in Bikini 2019-2020

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According to this contract, she will become one of the models advertising his new several high-profile campaigns.

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Be very careful because most men get depressed after looking at her pictures and understanding that they will never be with someone as hot and cute. Now the girl lives and works in Los Angeles. She would have achieved a similar level of success regardless of their help, she has a bright future ahead of her.

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