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Perfect for initial piercings and stretching! I have been wearing a surgical steel CBR for the last 7 years in my septum and have never had an issue. Yeah… not going back in my nose. I warn consumers of that too. It's not bruised, bleeding, or sore -- but I do have some worries that it might turn into an infection -- even with the daily soaks and care.

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Tattoos and piercings galore

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According to her this was done with a prison style tattoo machine.

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The universe will bring me people who match my energy.

Turns out the girl got hepatitis from this and only found out when she went to the doctor when she got pregnant. I push people to send glass or titanium all the time. But then i got an irritation in my nose, i wrote it off to allergies till my nose got tender then i took the clicker out so i could let my piercing rest a little bit, and lo and behold CORROSION!

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