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After the disappearance of Aenarion and the trapping of Caledor within the Vortex, Morathi planned and groomed her son to take the throne. This story's canonicity is doubtful as ALL of the concepts the story hinges on were retconned out. Ironically, Morathi's new fluff as having mutated into a lamia -like form as a result of exposure to the daemonic powers of Slaanesh makes her kind of similar to the now-lost Slaaneshi champion, Dechala. The forces routed, and were destroyed by the triumphant heroes. Jump to: navigation , search.

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She is usually seen mostly naked, although sometimes she covers her breasts or uses pasties, and always rides her Dark Pegasus named Sulephet into battle.

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In an effort to reboot Warhammer Fantasy, as it had been neglected for so long in favor of yet another Space Marine Chapter update, Games Workshop thrust the End Times upon the Warhammer world, where the slow slide into destruction becomes a non-stop express train. When Sigmar proved immune to her charms, she moved on to Nagash. Morathi's earlier look in artwork.

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