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The crowds have been great. Obviously he sang the chorus of the song. Has it felt different playing "One Week" live since Steven left the band? Maroon is a better record, I think, but it didn't have the effect on our career that Stunt did. But a song like "One Week" would absolutely be a hit today. How did this album became so huge in the late '90s?

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Barenaked Ladies on 20 Years of 'Stunt' and Why They Stopped Recording Songs Naked

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They were all on our side when it came to Stunt.

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There was an internet theory a few years ago about a hidden meaning in "One Week. Perhaps more significantly, the album led off with the freakishly catchy "One Week," a rap-rock beast of a single that has become so unavoidably entrenched in the pop consciousness that simply singing the first two words of the song "It's been! When you wrote "One Week," were you like, This song is gonna hit No.

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