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But having someone else warm up my partner, like the way a comic would warm up the audience before the taping of a TV show? Other actors echo Tate's experiences. Adult film is a breeding ground for misinformation and half-truths. Depending on the person asked, they could be an antiquated role of the past or a still-active MVP. She added that that she wasn't aware of fluffers that exist for women, just men — an indication that if the role does exist, it prescribes to the same patterns of patriarchy that permeate in the industry already.

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Are fluffers real? Porn actors weigh in on whether the job actually exists

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Porn actors weigh in on whether the job actually exists.

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These days, Gross says, fluffers are still seen in porn — but only as actors playing roles in films, no different from someone portraying a taxi driver or a teacher. I have never had this happen or known of this to happen. Other industry professionals agree that role of the fluffer did exist but, for the most part, in a different era of adult film. But that fantasy aside, there might never be an actual consensus on fluffers in the adult film industry.

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