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There are plenty of anime and manga-themed porn subreddits available, but most involve girls being violently raped or taken advantage of. Mostly involves: athletic, masculine dudes posing in sexy situations, and sometimes having sex with other men. Many people have their favorite aggregating services, including Pornhub, RedTube, and Porn MD, but as with most things, choosing porn gets easier when you crowd-source the search. Of course, because a huge swath of Reddit likes to collect and share porn, the boards have become overloaded with the same boring images, GIFs, and video clips. All the images in this post are safe for work. Mostly involves: pornstars who act as if they are overcome with the need to have sex and some romantic scenes from movies, especially enthusiastic homemade videos.

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The 21 Best Porn Subreddits, From Sexy to Surprising

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Maybe your feeling toward porn looks a lot like Kanye's feelings about fame.

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These girls are more flirtatious than aggressive, and they tend to communicate with users in a friendly way down in the comments. This subreddit is an amusing blend of VR-enthusiasts and horny people who discuss developments in virtual reality tech with as much excitement as they do certain pornstars. Most interesting porn in the world, says Most Interesting Man in the World.

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