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MD: I think about how do I connect with this person and what is it about this character on the page that I really identify with. Growing up in the LES in the nineties: What was a day in the life of young Melonie, right before the cameras and the lights? And now, what you would say your favorite movie is? So much — it was everything. When I went to the Henry Street Settlement , it just made sense to me. It was the moment when I saw someone who looked like me. Yeah, I liked Faerie Tale Theatre.

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Melonie Diaz on Working With Her BFF America Ferrera & How a Spike Lee Movie Changed Her Life

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MD: Honestly, the one actress that has been my hero is Rosie Perez.

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Or maybe I have a best friend who is kinda crazy like that, and then I start thinking about those people to make it real for myself. So the last question, bringing it full circle. She and I have become very, very good friends. Did that resonate with you?

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