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Like the Queen, she has no plans for retirement. It was like showing up for a nudist camp every day. Helen Mirren in film promo shoot in After a lifetime of love scenes, Mirren has long since quit romping in the altogether but while the London-born actress plays a perky wife of a certain age in The Leisure Seeker she admits that her past on-screen nudity still haunts her. Mirren, famed for her more sedate award-winning portrayals of Queen Elizabeth I and II - playing both within a month span - believes that she more closely resembles another member of the Royal Family.

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Dame Helen Mirren slams film bosses for posting photos of naked stars online

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A TV had been on set so that the American crew could watch the Super Bowl football game but they kept disappearing to watch TV long after the game had ended, Mirren recalls.

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Helen Mirren: Appearing nude on screen will always 'come back to bite you on the bum'

Despite her regal bearing and patrician persona, Mirren confesses to spending much of her life in mobile homes — but on movie sets, not cruising motorways as in her new movie. But one would never have affirmation of that. And they all turn round and laugh.

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