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The hotness of the Hot Babe is frozen, cold, zero degrees. Why should we presume that the Rihanna performed on Unapologetic is more damaged and fucked up than any of the rest of us? The deployment of white women as the agents of empire, both at home and abroad, is a visible trope in advertising for Fall TV. Once, only the professional Hot Babe adorned all major media outlets; now social media makes of everyone a Hot Babe, should they be willing. Like on a hot day the asphalt stores the heat and radiates it at duskā€”but what does the Hot Babe care for these fragments of childhood memory? The Hot Babe is her own self-abolition.

hot babe bodies hot babe bodies

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The counterpart to the slave who has flesh but no body Wilderson , she has no flesh, only a body.

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In any case, the ecstatic machine and the swarming rats are more beautiful than those who condemn them. Tell yourself the eyes of the Hot Babe are merely their color, flat and doll-like, to avoid the penetrating judgment of her stare: She does not care for you, your threadbare autobiography, although always the faint promise that in other circumstances her sympathy would be infinite. Plate glass, the closest thing to no barrier at all, appears as if it has already vanished.

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  1. Its so white and bright, probably what sex in heaven looks like Lol