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When I'd barged in on her in the bathroom, I hadn't had time to really look, of course. Anyway, they named me Thutmose, which means 'Born of Thoth'. I didn't feel guilty for some reason. I thought he'd laugh at you There seemed to be one picture of the girls on each page of this person's site. The thought of him beating off to her made me want to explode. But I was distracted when Danni reached for my wrist and said "Come on.

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Now as I go on with my story, I'm quite sure that you, the reader, are going to connect some dots that I didn't connect.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I saw all five of them, upside down. Chapter One You know how you see a science fiction movie and it seems so real that you wish it really was real? The girl has to have the right look on her face, or I can't plug her into any of my fantasies. The other Freshman was Frankie, the weird one.

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