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I like poking my belly button :3 it makes me smile at times, however I become petrified when someone tries to poke it. Oh my god… I am always so scared there will be something really horrible. Unknown strains of bacteria lurking in the human belly button; Navels have wild microbial diversity nydailynews. This article talks about it gendered language , and this Tumblr post includes the perspective of others with education as the last comment. And when he sat down in front of me with a thin slick of sweat dripping down beyond that collar, my mind wandered far away from Kentucky History and into a land of budding hormones and forging happy trails. Not necessarily the navel itself, although some outies creep me out, but what people do to them. The little boy at the BBQ this weekend had an outie and it got me thinking.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Why be upset about stretch marks?

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The whole naval situation is just not something he appreciates. And it can possibly happen to my dad. If they did have belly buttons, and man was created in Gods image, does God have a belly button? Everlast belly buttons popular girls chemicals eyelashes Kentucky prose personal creative nonfiction.

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