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She then finished their performance with a star-shaped Fire Blast. During the night, she comforted Eevee along with the others to build up her confidence. After performing in Jessie's dancing training, she was captured along with Pancham and Chespin as well as Nini's Smoochum and Farfetch'd , in a balloon by Team Rocket, but it broke after Chespin and Pancham fought. Serena dressed Fennekin up in a white and pink hat as well as a large pink bow. Their fighting caused Fennekin to hit Serena with Flamethrower and this angered Serena. However, she is friendly towards her Trainer and is affectionate towards her.

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Serena's Braixen

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Gallade then used Psycho Cut , which Braixen managed to dodge.

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Ryuseihikari, Blushing, Bondage, Bound, Bound Wings, - Princess Ember Tied Up

It initially went well, but things changed when Pancham missed the ring of fire created by Fennekin and burned itself. Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! Her unwillingness to become dirty was seen again in Going for the Gold! Although they had lost, she had no hard feelings over it.

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