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This is why you take them in your arms And cradle them till you find a beautiful clearing. Reblogged 11 months ago from poemsquoteswords. I cried in her arms the day my long term boyfriend broke up with me on the day I was to start my first job as a manager. Tagged: depressing , depression , depressed , depressive , depressing quotes , depressing thoughts , depressing tumblr , death ,. Their tables still perfectly set and standing tall next to my broken one.

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Tumblr Gets Deep (25 Pics)

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They never took the time to really look at her - They failed to notice that life was gone from her eyes.

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My mother was not a perfect person or a perfect mom by any means, but she was my mom. There is no bloodstain on its fur, no wound To tell the story of its death. I know it sounds selfish, but I cry myself to sleep wondering if I ever crossed your mind in those final moments…. The dead little fox reminded you of someone She was younger than you — she even looked like you.

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