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Three original video animations have been released. The edited version is the only one of the series to be considered appropriate for viewers under It has since evolved into an Internet meme and a copypasta. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The situation becomes exacerbated when Pico catches Coco and Chico having relations one night. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Pico x Coco x Chico

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Three original video animations have been released.

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It runs for 30 minutes and includes more than 8 music videos starring the characters from the OVAs. Pico then shows Chico that boys can also do this, and the two have sex. Later at Chico's house, Chico takes Pico to his attic, where the two spy on Chico's sister masturbating. The second, Pico to Chico , followed on April 16,

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