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He talks a big game when we role play during sex, but once at a party I flirted with a guy and even flashed him my thong note that the other wives at the party were not real thrilled with me, but I digress. If so, what is the scena9 and is your husband forced to watch by the men? But I do like when guys make me their screensaver pic and send me a screenshot. You should have never made that bet. Would you want a Latin lover assuming you ever went through with your fantasy. I see that your husband knows of your fantasies and even role plays about your desires. It might have been because we knew the guy.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Do you like fantasies sent to your inbox or my guess is your inbox is a treasure trove of a lot of unwanted stuff?

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Anonymous asked: Maybe this is too personal of a question, but I'll ask in case you're willing to answer it. My husband lost a bar bet, and as a result I have to serve drinks to a group of guys at a Super Bowl party wearing skimpy lingerie. I don't see any stretch marks on your tummy so I assume you do not.

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