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I don't know how they handled it but they were completely normal, down to earth kids who just so happened to be the sons of Pamela. We found it somehow and tormented him with it, because we were assholes. She's also answered the door when I came home to see her in a harness or in her gear. Sometimes my mother had clients when I would normally be home she usually didn't. In porn, it is difficult to capture only the sound that you want, without rustling or squeaking of furniture, or excessive grunting which to my fathers annoyance is becoming more and more common. He would beat the shit out of you if you ever mentioned anything about it.

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Children Of Pornstars Describe What It Was Like Growing Up

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The big give away that this is the case, is if there is ever foot tapping or any kind of consistent, repetitive knocking that should be present, but isn't, or is very faint.

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I don't know if it was entirely about money or if it was just something she loved doing. The kid could never be fazed. Sometimes it wasn't a client but rather just someone she wanted to bone.

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