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Julia Juggs absolutely lives up to her name with her blazing-hot body, fuck-me face and retro-burlesque vibe. Many of them were British or European naturals. There's no paper in it but who cares? Do you remember Tracy West? November 4, by Elliot James 1 Comment. Maggie Green time-warps to an era in American history when sexy dames in seamed stockings and bullet-bras kept the drinks cold and their tits and pussies warm for their private eye bosses like Sam Spade.

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The web changed all of that.

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Rockell gets ready for sexy time. The videos here are uncut and raw, struck from the tapes they were shot on with the original audio intact, depending on the physical condition of these decades-old videos shot on UMatic or Beta tapes that were stored away for years. The Brits and Europeans were more often than not students or held ordinary jobs. The Yanks were exotic dancers filling the strip clubs of North America.

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