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Eventually, Lindsay pursues Tyler and they somehow end up being tied up together, making out in the bathroom where Heather and Courtney aren't looking. When Lindsay gets out in the dodgeball game and walks back to the benches, Tyler waves at her and she waves back, until it catches the attention of Heather, who intentionally throws a ball at Tyler. Lindsay tells DJ how she can't wait to see her boyfriend, but before she can say his name, DJ tells her "his name's Tyler," to which Lindsay replies happily that she knows. Lindsay becomes bored with her task very quickly, and through the binoculars, sees Tyler, who is being constricted by a yo-yo. Lindsay is shown staring at a photo of Tyler, looking confused, but then throws down the picture and runs away when she sees what seems like a polar bear. They kiss, though she's still confused to which camper is Tyler. Lindsay is assigned to watch Gwen to make sure she isn't up to something.

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Lindsay and Tyler

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Tyler sadly watches them, and tells DJ that "Lindsay's supposed to like me!

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When Chris is on the walk-talkie with Gwen , Tyler picks up their conversation, and Lindsay, hearing Tyler is there, shouts towards Chris' walkie-talkie, "Hi Tyler! When the two meet once the plane crashes in Paris, Lindsay tells everyone there's only one guy she wants to share this with, and that's Tyler, who she's "been dreaming about since they've been apart. Lindsay feels sorry for him, until she accidentally calls him Alejandro probably because she finds Alejandro attractive and is talking to him at the time. Lindsay and Tyler talk before the former's elimination.

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  1. OK! IF you could EVER call a chubby busty chic HOT! THIS is it.

  2. She always delivers an epic scene, definitely in my top 20

  3. Wow. Don't know what else to say. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!