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Saturday nights are usually the time for youngsters to go out and have a good time. Wanna work on a collaboration? Being former friends, they knew each other quite well and wanted to move their relationship to a new level. Congratulations, I thought this was a very entertaining read, and trust me when I say I rarely read other people's works, so to get me to read this and continue doing so was quite an achievement, well done! Either way, keep doing what you do! Eager to see what you write for your next story. I could use the practice anyway.

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Kitty Snacks: Erotic Vore Short Stories

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Please don't take this as a criticism, I just want to help you to write wonderful stories.

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I can certainly understand the feeling of writing a peice thinking its good, and not reviewing it for grammar. Thank you ever so much, Glob! While all their friends were out clubbing or partying, the young couple Adrian and Jolene was sitting at home watching a movie.

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  1. Yah I watched the beginning like 6 times tryna figure it out but couldn't hear it. Thx brochacho,