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Password Minimum 6 symbols. Another way to use these tattoos is to get matching tattoos with your lover. Because it can carry different meanings, anyone can use this design on themselves, both men and women. A simple lip print could be sufficient to convey the message. Butt tattoos can also be used for purposes other than provocation and teasing, some gang members choose them for identification.

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65+ Incredible & Sexy Butt Tattoo Designs & Meanings of 2019

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The colour you choose for the tattoo can mean a lot, with red representing sexy and blue or black representing the opposite.

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People find these tattoos less about the meaning they hold than just getting a beautiful image you will want to show off someday. There is no tattoo placed on the butt more effective than a funny image or quote related to the butt. Butt tattoos are more naughty than serious, so it would be better to have the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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