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Your 5 year old son turned to your and smiled as he handed Calum the controller. Turning around you froze as you noticed Calum standing in the doorway starting at you with his mouth wide open. You cursed under your breath in Spanish when you burned your hand. Teaching your kids to speak Spanish was very important to you. Sitting down on the couch you picked up your book and curled up and started to read.

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Hearing the door creeking a bit you looked up and noticed his red hair sticking inside the room.

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You groaned as you made your way towards your bedroom. Teaching them at such a young age would make it easier for them later on. Keegan was a very smart kid, he was a quick learner and of course he took after his father when it came to playing the guitar. Having the day to yourself you would spend it reading, the kids where in school and Ashton was at the studio.

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