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I also have a support structure that is my lifeline and a total blessing to me. Now think of the geeky boy who wants to date her. I refuse to hide or pretend. Will they have to live on Top Ramen for the rest of the month so she can have pretty things. It has been wildly popular and is probably my very favorite track. One can follow Syren Rayna on Twitter here , and visit her website here. The CEO that is a needy, groveling, Syren addict is also not that at work unless I am teasing him and making it hard to focus.

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MagnusMagneto and Syren Rayna

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Aside from regular check ins where I have to let her know I am not dead she is fine with it.

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Jeff Pearlman

If I am inspired I will grab my laptop sit on my bed and pound out a four-page script in about an hour. She is a pretty intimidating person for many … she could have a lot of fun. I was also spending time with some Dommes and getting into the kink world more and more so it made sense to combine the two.

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