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In Tokyo, more and more new spots are opening for latest VR experiences with various themes such as video games and traditional Japanese experiences. For those who want to explore Tokyo in depth, Yanesen area is a perfect option. Robot Restaurant is a crazy and entertaining spots to see the robot show while dining. It kicked off with her exhibition which was held at National Art Center in Tokyo in spring and ended with a great success. Nothing fabulous or trendy, but this area with the authentic old Tokyo vibe is a quite new thing in this modern days, and has become one of hottest spots in town among Tokyoites in , and for sure it will be soon among foreign visitors.

tokyo hot list tokyo hot list

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Izakaya alleys are old fashioned, smokey narrow streets clammed by small Izakaya.

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The Tokyo Hot List 2010: 20 people to watch

Even if you are not into Japanese Otaku culture such as underground idols, gaming, anime, electronics, etc, Akihabara is still a great place to have a whole new Tokyo experiences. Watching Sumo wrestlers in action in such a close distance is totally breathtaking, and by knowing how hard they train physically and mentally, I admire the sport much more and respect the wrestlers. Tokyo has thousands of Ramen restaurants, but most notably Shinjuku area owns most with over and the area is often called the most competitive Ramen district in Tokyo.

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