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He plows on before she gets that far. He thought he had never been as happy as this. That was all it was, that laughter, and the scent of the herb garden nearby, and his hand on her soft thigh, the material of the dress skimming against the back of his hand as she leaned closer and closer, her murmur of his name a warm breeze against his lips…. Harry lets out a delirious chuckle as the rest of the words come tumbling from his lips, even faster than the first set. He buries it in her hair as the tears flow, pressing her to the crook of his neck. Anonymous asked: How do I write a good smut scene and descriptions of it? Ginny opens her mouth to wonder aloud if her husband is seriously comparing their baby to a broomstick.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Reading examples helps broaden the way you think about how to approach a scene and teaches how description works.

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She brings both of their hands over the soft swell of her lower stomach. She knows as much from the gentle curl of his lips, from the soft rise and fall of his chest, from the way his arms are tucked snugly around the blue blanket. She cries when a mother bird feeds her babies.

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